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Our Programs

Twos Program in Wilson, NC

24 - 36 months

Our twos class is grouped into two smaller classrooms, one with children ages 24 – 30 months, and the other with children ages 31 – 36 months. In both of these classrooms, children begin playing more together, and teachers encourage this through creating activities that emphasize sharing, taking turns, and social skills. We also begin exploring the Montessori curriculum in this classroom by working on Montessori Mats, carrying trays, and various Montessori “works.”

Program Features

  • Your child will begin to point to letters, colors, numbers, and shapes as they are introduced
  • Counting, saying the alphabet, and other learning songs will be a part of the weekly curriculum
  • We explore many arts and crafts with play dough, paint, glue, glitter, and even scissors, with close supervision
  • Children get to enhance their gross motor skills by playing outside on the playground, riding pedaled cars, climbing steps to slide, throwing, catching, and kicking balls, and playing group games twice per day, weather permitting
  • Meals are designed to be appealing to all children and also to introduce them to a wide variety of foods
  • Teachers actively assist in potty training

We look forward to hosting you at our school.