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Discover Our Childcare Program in Wilson, NC


We believe that good nutrition is essential to proper development. Due to this, Building Blocks offers breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack everyday. All of our meals and snacks are prepared in our kitchens, and our menu is designed both to offer children their favorite foods, as well as new, age-appropriate options or choices. Additionally, our meals meet USDA nutritional recommendations. We are a peanut-free environment, and our cooks will work with you to accommodate any other allergies or dietary restrictions.

Health and Safety

Your children’s health and safety are our top priority. We require updated medical and immunization forms to be on file at our center at all times. All of our teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid, and infant teachers are certified in SIDS training, and are constantly monitoring the safety of all children. Additionally, children who are ill are not allowed to enter our center, and any children that become ill throughout the day must be picked up within the hour.

Web Cameras

All of our classrooms are equipped with video monitoring. Parents have the option to register to be able to access the video feeds at any time, from anywhere. This way, you will be able to check in on your children while they are playing, singing, and enjoying music and friends whenever you wish!

The video feed can be accessed by clicking the button below, and entering the username and password provided from Building Blocks.


Building Blocks utilizes the Tadpoles app in order to keep in constant communication with parents. Teachers will update Tadpoles daily with information about your child’s feeding, changing, and sleeping schedule, information about any skills that have been introduced or mastered, and photos and videos of your child.

Outdoor Learning Centers

Building Blocks’ playground have been transformed into a natural outdoor learning environment, thanks to the hard work of 77 volunteers. This new naturalized outdoor environment will play a central role in our curriculum, and will help support creativity and problem solving, enhance cognitive abilities, improve academic performance, increase physical activity, and improve social-emotional skills. Our teachers are also participating in training sessions to learn how to best maximize the aforementioned benefits.

Our new outdoor area consists of:

  • 30 trees and bushes
  • Four music walls
  • Four art walls
  • A toddler sensory path
  • Multiple vegetable gardens
  • An herb garden
  • A gathering stump circle
  • Two earth play areas
  • Two butterfly gardens
  • A kitchen set
  • A woodworking bench
  • A STEM learning center
  • Two bamboo teepees
  • Hanging baskets along the fences
  • Infant and toddler sensory paths

We look forward to hosting you at our school.