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Our Programs

Montessori Education in Wilson, NC

3 years old

Montessori 1 is an introductory classroom for 3 year olds. Here, children learn to select from a range of age-appropriate lessons that are prepared for their interest level and designed to accommodate their natural progression. This fosters a non-competitive environment where children are able to explore their natural curiosities and learn at their own pace, as opposed to being compared to other children.


Program Features

  • Teachers emphasize respect for personal space and materials
  • Montessori work areas include:
    • Practical Life, which develops independent self-help and fine motor skills
    • Math, which uses Montessori beads, boards, and games in order to make math a concrete experience
    • Sensorial activities, which consist of hands-on activities such as “cooking” that is designed to develop all five senses
    • Language, which builds an awareness of phonics by introducing sounds and word families, and beginning the process of learning how to read
    • Science and Social Studies, which are introduced in weekly themes that are noted on the Building Blocks calendar
  • Free play activities including singing, blocks, dramatic play, art, sand, and water
  • An emphasis on concrete experiences, with very few paper lessons
  • Teachers track learning progression by creating skills portfolios where they document and check off skills as they are introduced and mastered. These portfolios are shared with parents during parent/teacher conferences
  • Gross motor skills are enhanced by riding pedaled cars, climbing steps to slide, throwing, catching, and kicking balls, and learning to swing on our outdoor play area, twice per day weather permitting
  • Group games are introduced to enhance cooperation, take turns, and develop specific skills
  • Naps occur in the early afternoon as needed

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